Where To Buy Fantasia E Hookah

Fantasia E Hookah has always been one of the most popular e hookah pens on the market, ever since it came out! Why is that? It’s not because of it’s fancy design and packaging. No, those are just added value. Let’s not factor that into why we would want Fantasia e hookah pens.

Fantasia e hookah pens are highly demanded by many customers mainly because of their flavors. They offer 10 different flavors that are very unique. Unique as in they offer fruit flavor blends that you won’t find just anywhere. As a matter of fact, through all my years of using e hookah, I’ve never come across a flavor that tasted anything like any of the Fantasia flavors.

In addition to that, you get 800 puffs! 800 puffs sounds like a lot, because it is. Most e hookah pens offer only 300-500 puffs. So you’re 300 puffs ahead of the standard.

So if you’re wondering where to purchase Fantasia e hookah, see link below:


P.S. that’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen on the internet… It’s more than 50% off the retail price. 

where to buy fantasia e hookah

How To Buy E Hookah


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A lot of us may not know how to “buy e hookah”, just like some of us may not know how to buy certain types of meats. So how do we tell, which ones are the better buys? Do we allow price and branding to dictate that? 

First of all, I’ve seen e hookah pens that range from all different prices. Some are very expensive, some are cheap. Are the expensive ones necessarily any better? Not always. Are the cheap ones not worth buying at all? No.

One of the main things that you’ll be looking for is the flavor of course. If there are flavors that you like, you might feel more enticed to purchase. But wait, what about the functionality of the pen? An e hookah pen consists of only 3 parts, which are not complicated to make or put together. The most expensive part is the battery. So how do you tell if the battery is any good? By looking at how many puffs each pen yields. Obviously, a pen with 800 puffs means that the battery is stronger than a 500 puff pen!

So if you’re looking for disposable electronic hookah pens, use these tips as a guideline.

So don’t let a low price intimidate you into paying more! You can follow the link below for a low priced , great e hookah pen with 800 puffs:

E Hookah Pen Cheap But Awesome

e hookah

Wholesale Dry Herb Vaporizers – List of Wholesale Links

it is often very difficult to find a reliable wholesaler. Additionally, it’s even more difficult to score deals with the manufacturers as it takes contracts, money, and a very long line of business credit for them to want to work with you.

So, what if we could just wholesale by just adding to cart and checking out? Well, if you could find the deals, then you’re in luck.

Below is a list of links to wholesale lots of Snoop Dogg G Pens, Atmos Raw, Micro G, Atmos Jewel, and many other herbal vaporizers that you may be interested in. And let me tell you, the margins are awesome!

Micro G Pen Wholesale

Snoop Dogg G Pen Wholesale

Snoop Dogg Micro G Pen Wholesale

Atmos Raw RX Silver Wholesale

Atmos Raw RX Black Wholesale

Atmos Raw RX Green Wholesale

Atmos Raw RX Blue Wholesale

Atmos Raw RX Purple Wholesale

Enjoy the list. Each dry herb vaporizer is up to 90% off MSRP. Good luck!

My Review of HazyShop.com


If you have looked into purchasing e hookah pens, I’d say you’ve probably come across HazyShop.com once or twice. They’re one of the few e hookah distributors in the United States and offers a variety of products for the e hookah users. 

HS does NOT sell e cigarettes or vape pens with any MG of nicotine. All of their pens are 0 mg, which means nada. So if that’s what you’re looking for, it might be a good idea to browse their site. 

They offer a generic e hookah pen that comes in 5 flavors, which I personally love, and is very cheap. They have strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, grape, green apple flavors for that line of e hookah pens. 

They also sell Fantasia e hookah pens for significantly cheaper than most other retailers out there. They offer a variety pack for like $7 a pen, when other shops usually have it up for $13-$15.00, so that’s about half off. 

I haven’t had a chance to call customer service for anything, but I’ve heard they’re great and were fast to respond to issues. Their shipping on the other hand is superb. They ship out the same business day as long as orders are placed before 3:00 PM eastern, which you don’t find a lot of nowadays. So you get your items fairly fast.

Would I recommend HazyShop.com ?

Yes, I would. That’s about the only place I’ve been purchasing my e hookah pens.


E Cigarettes or E Hookah Pens

It might be a little confusing for those of you who do not understand the definition of these electronic vape pens. There is indeed a difference between an e cig and the e hookah. The main difference is that e cigs have different mg’s of nicotine in them. They also tend to taste like nothing, or they try to imitate the taste of an actual cigarette.

E hookah does not contain nicotine, and they do not taste like nothing or cigarettes. They taste like fruit flavors. So that means that anybody, even if you are not a smoker, not trying to quit, or whatever it is, you can use an e hookah pen and it will do you no harm.

When I say that it will do you no harm, I want you to understand that the e hookah pen is not burning any tobacco or herb to create the vapor. The vapor is produced from heating a fruit juice, so you’re inhaling fruit juice vapor. Get it? 

If you haven’t read my earlier post about the price of e hookahs, and where you can get them for cheap, you can go ahead and read that post. Otherwise the deal link is here: e hookah deal $4.00 per pen 800 puffs

e hookah pen

e hookah pen

Where To Buy E Hookah Pens

Let’s face the facts, the e hookah industry hasn’t really made it’s way into the market like it should have. We see e cigs or electronic cigarettes being sold everywhere including your local grocery stores that sell cigarettes. So, what about the e hookah pens for those of us who want to have a little fun but don’t want the nicotine? Well, like most people who can’t find something they want to buy in person, they look online.

The internet is full of commerce, but even so, it may still be hard to find e hookah pens and if you do find them, they may be expensive. 

Let me first give you an idea of how much e hookah pens cost in stores and online. Generally, in stores, you can expect to pay anywhere between $8.00 – $15.00. For low cost items such as the e hookah pen, you can’t expect it to be much cheaper online, because you have to factor in the shipping cost as well. So if you’ve found e hookah pens online, you’re looking to pay $7.00 – $12.00 per pen, which is still cheaper than in stores.

However, there is this deal that I found, you can pay $4.00 per pen, and each pen yields up to 800 puffs. Not convinced that it’s a good deal? You’re paying more than 80% off retail price (yes, that’s what you can expect to find on the internet) and each pen yields 300-500 puffs more than the average.

Additionally, if you buy more, you can get an even better price. A price somewhere along the lines of $3.00 per pen. A lot of people are purchasing this to resell in stores, as it’s already as low as wholesale price.

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