Let’s face the facts, the e hookah industry hasn’t really made it’s way into the market like it should have. We see e cigs or electronic cigarettes being sold everywhere including your local grocery stores that sell cigarettes. So, what about the e hookah pens for those of us who want to have a little fun but don’t want the nicotine? Well, like most people who can’t find something they want to buy in person, they look online.

The internet is full of commerce, but even so, it may still be hard to find e hookah pens and if you do find them, they may be expensive. 

Let me first give you an idea of how much e hookah pens cost in stores and online. Generally, in stores, you can expect to pay anywhere between $8.00 – $15.00. For low cost items such as the e hookah pen, you can’t expect it to be much cheaper online, because you have to factor in the shipping cost as well. So if you’ve found e hookah pens online, you’re looking to pay $7.00 – $12.00 per pen, which is still cheaper than in stores.

However, there is this deal that I found, you can pay $4.00 per pen, and each pen yields up to 800 puffs. Not convinced that it’s a good deal? You’re paying more than 80% off retail price (yes, that’s what you can expect to find on the internet) and each pen yields 300-500 puffs more than the average.

Additionally, if you buy more, you can get an even better price. A price somewhere along the lines of $3.00 per pen. A lot of people are purchasing this to resell in stores, as it’s already as low as wholesale price.

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